CIPHR are our HR partner of choice. We have formed a ‘Best of breed’ alliance and integrated all of your Time and Attendance and HR pieces together. Get realtime analytics and reporting with the option to link with your payroll provider.

Formula Time Systems are proud to have been accepted onto the G-Cloud 10 Suppliers list. Helping public sector bodies get the best advise and service for cloud based software. Specifically for Time and Attendance products.

DormaKaba have been partnered with FTS for several years now. We provide Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions across almost every industry.

ZKTeco are another supplier of of hardware for the time and attendance/access control piece offered by FTS. From facial recognition devices to android tablets.

UK Fast are one of the leading providers for dedicated server and cloud solutions in the UK. We are proud to use their fast and secure service.

ID Management are the UK’s number 1 suppliers of ID peripherals. Supplying our ID cards, printers and lanyards.

Idency provide the worlds leading authentication products from fingerprint readers to facial recognition hardware.

If you are working in a harsh environment, Steatite provide us with rugged and durable hardware solutions.

Guardian Display have provided all of our trade show stands across the years. They are also a valued customer using our Time and Attendance system.