All systems provide:

– Paper reduced environment
– Flexibility across all sectors
– Real time data
– Improved payroll accuracy
– Simple management of staff data
– Transparency for audits
– Reporting
– Absenteeism and emerging patterns
– Reduced administration time/costs
– Self service holiday balance
– Export a .CSV file ready to manipulate and input data into almost any payroll software (e.g Sage, Quickbooks, Xero)
– Monitor hours and total expenditure
– Assign administrators to specific departments
– Link multiple sites back into one
– Save money on miscalculated overtime
– Scalability

T and A-08
Time & Attendance

HR Software


Job and Activity recording

Location Recording-04
Location Recording

Hosting and Online Security-01
Hosting and Online Security

Bespoke Development

Fire Alarm Systems-10
Fire Alarm Monitor

Easy Setup lifecycle:

1. Order (chose method/hardware)
2. Upload employee data
3. Installation and training
4. Seamless working