fTS247 is a web based solution which offers complete management of attended time and absence, whether your requirement is for Fixed/Rotating Schedules, Flexible Working or Flexi-Time or a combination of all of these, you will find fTS247 offers a complete solution. We offer a range of Clocking Terminals as well as the ability for employees to clock using their PC, tablet or mobile phone. Our most common product is the biometric fingerprint scanner.


  • View clocking record
  • View holiday balance
  • Annual entitlement taken/allocated remaining balance
  • View absence records
  • Request a holiday
  • Request an ad hoc change to their schedule


  • Attendance
  • Lateness
  • Holidays
  • Absenteeism
  • Audit Trails
  • Reporting
  • Planning

Fixed/Rotating Schedules

Where employees work the same basic hours over a given period whether in an office, manufacturing, logistics, local government, healthcare or educational environment fTS247 can accommodate complex patterns. fTS247 allows for different start/end times for different days of the week, for rotating patterns over 2 or more weeks and for annualised hours based working. On a daily basis start/end times, lunch times and/or clocking rules and accumulations may be overridden.

Flexible Working

With more and more employees requiring flexible working the effective management of schedules, holidays and workforce management is essential. Flexible working is a concept based on Fixed Schedule and or Flexi-Time but allowing employees to set their start and end times, days worked at the work place and days worked at home to better meet their work/home lifestyle. fTS247 has the facilities to allow employees to request changes to their schedule and, if agreed to, monitor that they adhere to such changes.


The concept of Flex-Time is to allow employees to start and finish within a specified time ranges, to have a minimum and maximum or extended (lunch) break, to be able to accumulate credit time and to optionally take additional time off as Flex Days. By allowing employees to vary their start and finish times this Avoids Lateness Allows for school runs Allows for Medical and Dental appointments A typical Flex Pattern will consist of 1 or 2 Flex Times, the time spans in which employees clock in and clock out, and, where applicable, a time span in which a (lunch) break may be taken. The length of these time spans is user defined. The Flex Pattern will also contain Core Times; these are times when the employees must be at work. Allowing employees to accumulate Flex Credits, the daily amount of Flex Credits and number of Flex Days allowed is also user defined. Flex-time is not for all environments, but even having narrow Flex Times of just 15 or 30 minutes at the start and end of the Flex Pattern can have significant results.

Clock In/Out only

For some employees all that is required is that they are either In or Out. No calculations of lateness, overtime, shift premiums or credits and debits are required and optionally holidays and other absence may be recorded. These employees will appear on the “Who’s In” display and the Fire Evacuation Report.

Or a combination of all types

fTS247 will allow for employees to be on different clocking arrangement even within the same department/section and their clocking record (clock card) may be configured to reflect this.

Benefits of an automated time and attendance system for employees

1. More accurate pay – With less human error an automated time card will give hourly rate staff a true value of their efforts. Making them happier in the long run.

2. Increased Fairness – When employees who arrive on time and work to their contracted times, they can see people who consistently turn up late, take longer lunch hours and leave early. Conscientious employees can therefore be rewarded and recognised for their value to work ethic, those that are slacking can be identified easily and ‘encouraged’ a little by their managers. Biometric fingerprint scanning will eliminate the ‘buddy clocking’ situation of the past

3. Improved job satisfaction – When employees are putting in extra hours, sometimes the true cost of unpaid overtime goes unnoticed. Leaving employees feeling worn down or demotivated. Those that put in extra hours every day, sometimes for weeks on end or months on a project can be recognised easily. Giving the employer the option to notice and either reward or give a more balanced workload. Leading to increased morale and job satisfaction

Payroll Interface

With custom payroll interfaces we can make sure you don’t just have a summary report, but the right information formatted ready for your accounting softwar.

  • Align with your accounting software
  • Add rate tables
  • Split between hourly/salary
  • Basic, Overtime (different rates), Sickness/Absence
To name but a few we work with:
Payroll Interface